If you have a golf event that you would like to put an extra factor on, then my Trick Golf Show is probably a good idea.

This is fun, exciting and amazing. All at once! A trickgolfer in action is something most golfers only have seen at television. But to watch this live, to see how the balls are flying or just to see how fun golf can actually be is a very good experience for every golfer as well for a non golfer.

My Show takes you around from very extra- ordinary golf clubs, to good golf shots, to shots hit incredible ways and of course some very long clubs.

The World Record Driver at 4 meters and 37 centimeters is a part of my Trick Golf Show that are very amazing.

If your golf event is small or big, does not matter. If your members, customers or guests are young or old, that does not matter. And if half or more of your guests is non golfers, then that does also not matter. Everyone will have fun and will be entertained in a very good way.

My Show that is normally 45 – 60 minutes long, is over in no time … for the spectators that is the feeling and for me to! There are happening so many things, so the time just fly away and suddenly it is all over, without you noticed that nearly an hour is gone!

Have a look at this setup page if you would like to know more about how this can be done.