How it works

I have my own sound system and for an evening event I also have flood light! So do not worry about daylight. A flood lighted Trick Golf Show is really a unique experience!

Below just a short overview, but look also at the below setup pages in different languages to get more information’s

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My main Trick Golf Show is 45-60 minutes long, and can of course be tailored to fit your specific needs. As I always will be there most of the day, we can put some things on, that makes you get more for your money, but as well gives your golf event an extra touch.


5-10 Minutes Trick Show before tee off with some “good advices” for the game. This is a good icebreaker and very funny…

Through the tournament I can stand at a par three or another hole and do some funny shots, or a nearest to the pin. This I can even do with some funny golfclubs.

45 minutes Trick Golf Show after the game.


Two Trick golf Shows during the day, at ca. 40 minutes each.


Three Trick Golf Shows during the day at ca. 30 minutes each.


For a Junior day, I have a special program.

Taking part in a game at the course either a tournament, scramble or some other kind of game. Where I play a little with each flight. 1,5 hours at the range, where the juniors try some of the more spectacular tricks. t the end of the day I perform with my Trick Golf Show. 60 – 75 minutes, as the Show for such a day is a little longer and have a few competitions for some of the juniors through the Show.