The question is always how are we going to do this, and what are we going to plan.

It works like this: I always plan the day just one place. For my Show I use 3 hours to setup and one to take it down again. For the day there are several options, but first of all it is for me very important that we get the most out of the day, and to my customers satisfaction.

A day can be planned with one – two – or three Shows a day. My regularly Show is 45 – 50 minutes long, but can be taken to last a bit more than an hour.

For some golf events, that runs through the day, it is sometimes better to make two Shows, at app. 35 – 40 minutes or even three Shows, at app. 30 minutes. That could be an event like an Open Day at the Golf Club.

If you have a tournament, I will be happy to stay at a tee box, and hit some different shots for the flights when the pass by. Or make a competition at a par three course, about closes to the pin, or a long drive competition at a par 4 or 5. Then the Show can be either before the tournament or after. Or even a few minutes before the tournament, with some good advices for the game. These advises is more fun, than they are usable, but it gives a good atmosphere from the beginning.

And then before lunch or dinner I perform with my large Show.

If you have a junior day or a junior camp, then the days is even more exciting, as I spent time playing with the juniors on the course, I have a 1,5 hours session at the driving range where the juniors get to try some of the more exiting tricks. And at the end of the day I perform with my Trick Golf Show, that is for such an occasion made a big longer, and does also have some small competitions that involves some of the juniors. The Show these days is normally 60 – 75 minutes.

But what do you need to plan? Not a lot! I need electrical power and balls, all the rest I bring my self. I have my own sound system, and this I will bring. But I am restricted according to baggage rules in the airplane, and therefore sometimes it is not possible. Then either you need  to apply a sound system as well, or we decide to work without it…

The area I am going to use, can either be at a hole on the course or at the driving range. This is what suits the golf event the best. I need a place at 12 x 6 meters, where the 6 meters is in the direction that I hit the balls. I prefer grass cut to a length 12 – 18 millimeters.

If you have mats only, I need 8 mats put together to one big mat. These are the options that I prefer, but sometimes is the place just smaller, or the area not flat enough, then I of course have to adjust to the place that is there.

If you have any further questions please call me or drop me a note at my email !